Modern Country Home: How To Achieve The Look

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Long gone are the days when country living was associated with traditional florals, farmhouse furniture, knitted tea cosies and egg baskets! Now, the look isn’t just a style reserved for those living out in the countryside: it’s a popular interior trend that works beautifully for most styles of homes. A timeless and classic choice, this style is inspired by rural living and farmhouse spaces.

The key to country-inspired décor is achieving a balance between old and new – traditional, without becoming kitsch, and contemporary without looking too modern and sleek. Old-fashioned comfort brought into the modern world through its heritage and charm – creating a cosy feeling that celebrates the good life outdoors – minus the frills and lace doilys.

A successful country style will combine the best elements of rustic and vintage interior designs, with warmth, personality, character and a hint of minimalism. From colour and texture to furniture and pattern, here at LIV For Interiors, we have collated the best design and decorating tips to help you achieve a stunning modern country look in your own home.

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Typically, country-style interiors would use a colour scheme that featured dark woods and brown shades. For a modern country look, choose light and airy colours that will help to make your home feel more spacious and bright. You can incorporate whitewashed woods, subtle shades of cream and beige, grey floorboards and pale paint on the walls to create a neutral, contemporary backdrop upon which to showcase your more traditional furniture pieces and accessories. Choose natural hues and muted tones to keep your modern country home feeling warm and welcoming.

If you’re looking to bring in a pop of colour, choose soft pastels that can be incorporated through soft furnishings, curtains and rugs. Sage green, mint, dusky rose and taupe are all good choices for warming up a neutral scheme. Alternatively, make use of metallic materials and bring in warm shades of bronze and copper for the ultimate in modern style – these tones can be used everywhere from farmhouse sinks to pendant lighting and kitchen appliances.

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Despite the above point advising a neutral colour scheme, a modern country home should feature some playful patterns to bring a striking and fresh feeling into the space. If you like a floral pattern, then find an interesting and new way to use it – resizing the print into an enlarged format can make it look contemporary, or perhaps choose to have a monochrome pattern palette rather than bright colours. Geometric prints are also a popular choice at the moment for a boho twist, and can be used on the walls, floors or even just in decorations.

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The key to a successful modern country design is to include lots of natural materials, which will help to introduce the organic, outdoorsy aesthetic that encompasses the entire style. This is why exposed wooden beams, wood panelling and original wooden floorboards are so effective in this style of home, and should always be accentuated where possible. Barn-style doors are also a great way to make an effective first impression.

Wooden furniture should be incorporated, particularly if it looks worn and weathered. The beauty is all in the detail, so keep an eye out for lattice design windows or intricate wood carving in your furniture. Designs should be classic with traditional shapes, although more contemporary pieces with crisp silhouettes and varied materials will also work well to ensure the design doesn’t look too dated – try to incorporate a mix of old and new e.g. a traditional farmhouse table with mismatched dining chairs.

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Interesting, rough and organic textures are a fundamental element of the modern country look. Scratches and scrapes, bumps and dents in building materials are all signs of age, which are celebrated in modern country style interior design. The informality of these designs lends itself to entertaining close friends and family, which is at the heart of this look.

Adding layers of different textures brings depth, warmth and cosiness to a neutral scheme, which is key to creating an inviting home. Soft textures add visual interest, such as linen, wool and sheepskin. Blankets, throws and rugs add depth, as well as comfort and colour.


The trend for stripping rustic properties, such as barn conversions, back to reveal the basic structure has found popularity with homes of all styles that now celebrate the honesty of raw, natural materials. Bare plaster or exposed brick can look effective inside, and concrete is increasingly being used for floors and worktops. These techniques can result in a look that is slightly industrial – an on-trend style that works harmoniously with a modern country design and can be further accentuated by bare bulbs and warm copper tones.

If you don’t have original materials to play with, then experiment with reclaimed wood panelling, flooring or furniture. The ethos of repurposing materials in interiors has been gaining momentum for years and doesn’t show any signs of slowing down – adapting older pieces can be a really quirky and interesting way to update an older country-style home.

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Whether you live in the countryside or in the middle of a bustling city, bringing a touch of nature into your home will add to an authentic modern country feel. Pops of greenery help to bring character and personality to your home – potted plants and kitchen herbs are a really quick way to add instant warmth to a space.

If you feel that you’re unable to look after living plants, then botanical prints and artificial plants do the job just as well! For a more traditional look, bring in scenes of the English countryside through artwork and fabrics – rabbits, badgers and foxes are all quintessentially country.

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The kitchen is the heart of the home and a place for the entire family to gather over food, which is at the heart of this interior style. A modern country kitchen needs to create a functional and authentic space – instead of using decorative items, make sure that everything you have has a purpose. Nothing should be too delicate or precious.

Open shelving, hanging pots and utensil displays are a good alternative way to bring personality into your design, whilst still being useful. If you have space, then a butcher’s block can look really effective in helping to achieve a rustic style.