Practical Rainy-Day Outfits to Steal From Celebrities This Spring

rainy day outfits

If you’ve spent quarantine saving up for a rainy day, now is the time to go into your piggy bank and snag some rainy day outfits in time for spring showers ahead. You may think sartorial inspiration is scant when it’s raining cats and dogs, but celebs from Ariana Grande to Jennifer Aniston to Dua Lipa have long given masterclasses in storm-ready outfits. Yes, celebrities still venture out into the elements, downpours included—complete with people following them around with umbrellas when they can’t seem to shield themselves from precipitation—and we dug up practical outfits to prove it. So if you’re wondering what to wear on a rainy day, turn to these flawless celeb looks, and shop them below.

Sweatsuit + Scrunchies

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Let the rain fall down, and wake my dreamsRobert Kamau

It’s only right to kick things off with Ariana Grande, cloud emoji enthusiast and singer of precipitation anthem “Rain On Me.” The pop icon appeared in her element as she frolicked through a summer shower in oversized heather gray sportswear, putting a playful spin on the roomy look with space buns and scrunchies. The cozy queen was ahead of her time when it came to her affinity for hoodies you can swim in, and we all followed suit once the pandemic hit, collecting sweatsuits like madwomen and, likely just mentally, gallivanting through the streets with that unhinged 2001 newly divorced Nicole Kidman energy.

Tie-Dye + Sneakers

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Gigi Hadid cosplaying as the skyRobert Kamau